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  • Peruvian natural straight hair extension
  • Price: $79.00
  • Peruvian body wave hair extension
  • Price: $79.00
  • Peruvian Beach Wave Hair extension
  • Price: $79.00
  • Peruvian Deep Wavy Hair 3 Bundles + Lace Closure Set
  • Price: $309.00

Category description


Our Virgin Peruvian Virgin hair has received so much attention since 2010, it is hard to explain. This hair is just amazing. Peruvian hair has the ability to look naturally voluminous and full and the best thing about this hair is that despite its voluminous look, its actually super light weight. You can actually have over 500grams (5pcs.) of hair and yet it feels like feathers. It is extremely manageable even at times when the hair isn’t maintained properly.

Double drawn weft
all cuticles intact same direction

Peruvian hair is great for sleek straight or wavy styles. It blends perfectly with relaxed African American hair or European hair! It is highly versatile in nature, and all the cuticles remain intact and they all run in 1direction. It is also virtually impossible for our Peruvian Virgin hair to tangle or form knots. You can even bleach and then color this hair as desired. But proper care is recommended with just about every coloring to basically any type of hair that is available.

Most hairs that you find in beauty supply stores are not Virgin hair. They look very pretty but will actually last no more than a few months. They are processed with chemicals such as perms, relaxing agents, or coloring dyes which weakens the original quality , strength and texture of the hair.

No usage of any chemicals and the hair is at its purest form. The cuticles are all intact and running in the same direction. This is quality at its best and with a very reasonable price. So order your share of this exotic hair now.