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Product Description

Malaysian style natural straight hair extension

Malaysian natural straight hair is another rare hair type just like the Peruvian hair. Most celebrities wear it because of its versatility and its ability to withstand extreme atmospheric change in pressure and temperature which is usually caused due to traveling. Like Peruvian hair, it can be used more than once and is guaranteed not to shed or tangle.

Our Virgin Malaysian Natural Straight hair is soft, silky, and blends very well with all hair types. This hair is very versatile! It can be worn bone straight or curled for long lasting locks.

This hair is unprocessed virgin human hair that can be bleached, dyed, or relaxed and you may even color it but this is something that is not highly recommended though.

Unlike the virgin Indian hair, Malaysian hair will NOT curl up when wet. Though it may have a slight wave after shampooing, its texture is meant to remain straight with lots of body and bounce. It is able to be colored, curled, and roller set colored, but it will always maintain its natural texture. So go ahead and stop the show with our Virgin Malaysian Straight Hair!

Always wanted to maintain that luscious, sleek bone straight look; or keep those curls intact?

This is the product to meet up with your needs. It is flexible enough to suit your precise customized needs. Just style and forget, whether it be extremes of temperatures or a wet rainy day, the hair will hold up without you breaking a sweat.