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  • Virgin Malaysian natural straight hair
  • Price: $89.00
  • Virgin Malaysian body wave hair
  • Price: $89.00
  • Virgin Malaysian Curly Hair
  • Price: $89.00

Category description


Malaysian hair extension is for those clients that hate or simply can not afford to delicately pay attention to their hair all the time and yet they still want to remain gorgeous and in fashion.

This is one tough hair that needs almost no maintenance whatsoever. This is for a rational daily use basis where a fragile hair extension would just not cut it.

Does not matter if its extremes of temperatures or extremes of pressure or simply a bad weather day, the extension will holdup and it will hold up well without you having to break a sweat!

Our Virgin Malaysian hair is one of the most sought after hair types of all- it is sleek and manageable without having a shiny doll hair look. It is flattering to women of all ethnicities. Our Virgin Malaysian hair does particularly well with African American Relaxed textures- providing thicker follicles and a natural look that is just outstanding.

Luxurious feel, gorgeous, high quality. Malaysian hair is coarse, yet finer and lighter than Chinese hair and much more manageable. This hair holds curls flawlessly like no other.

Malaysian hair is generally dark brown, sometimes a bit lighter at the ends. Some naturally wavy Malaysian hair is available, but virgin Malaysian hair is generally naturally straight. Naturally straight Malaysian hair may have a gentle "bend" or very loose wave and remains the same texture after being wet. Does not swell or frizz in humidity.

Whether it be curls, natural straight or body waves, all the textures are available at your specific needs. View our Virgin Malaysian hair in both: straight and body wave for a closer look.