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Product Description

Malaysian style body wave hair extension

Malaysian "Body wave" is a beautiful wavy texture that is very manageable and flattering to women of many different ethnic backgrounds. Lots of volume; yet very manageable, this hair can be heat styled with a curling iron and straightened easily with a blow dryer or a flat iron.

1bundle is 100g 
this is for 1 bundle
double drawn weft

This exotic hair extension is brought in from across Malaysia, most of which have been derived from young donors whose hair have never been subjected to much if any treatment with chemicals or with any heating devices.

They are at their very natural form. So no wonder these extensions are as versatile and as strong as they are, they will make you the center of attraction just about everywhere. It will be hard not to notice this flamboyant and wavy texture. And just like the Peruvian hair, it can be used more than once with minimal shed or tangle.

This hair is so versatile that it can be for a special evening that you were planning for so long or just another casual day at the mall. It’s very flexible and versatile and will suit your need just the way you would like it.

Does not matter if it’s a bone straight look that you are looking for or a curvy curls look that you planned for today, just go for it and you would not need to worry about a single thing. The hair will hold up and boy will it hold up good. The hair is just versatile enough to meet up with the dynamic personality that you carry. It is very dependable and we can assure you that will never let you down.