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  • Brazilian Virgin Lace Closure part anywhere 4x4 Straight
  • Price: $79.00
  • Brazilian Virgin Lace Closure 3 Part 5x5 body wave
  • Price: $109.00
  • Brazilian Virgin Lace Closure 3 Part 5x5 Straight Hair
  • Price: $109.00
  • Virgin Lace Closure with Middle Part 4x4 Brazilian Curly
  • Price: $110.00
  • Virgin Lace Frontal Closure 13"x4" free style 140% density
  • Price: $139.00
  • Peruvian Deep Wavy Hair 3 Bundles + Lace Closure Set
  • Price: $309.00
  • Brazilian Virgin Lace Frontal 13x6 part anywhere 8a
  • Price: $159.00
  • Virgin Malaysian Hair 360 Lace frontal 8A Bodywave
  • Price: $159.00
  • Virgin Malaysian Hair 360 Lace frontal 8A kinky Straight
  • Price: $159.00
  • Price: $149.00

Category description


At LuxMaine, we understand what a perfect fit means. A flawless closure that fits perfectly can mean the difference between a perfect evening and a day gone in ruins. Here at LuxMaine, we value our customers and we understand what it means to have that perfect look with the perfect comfort. For a very small price to pay, we have all your work cut out for us so that you can have that perfect look you always desired.

Our lace top closures come with a PU around the perimeter for a perfect lock and fit. The clips, threads and the elastic bands all hold firmly. The closures are so comfortable that you would not even notice you are actually a hair extension. They will feel like your very own natural hair. But there’s more; our closures come with bleached knots!

So now, you don’t have to worry about the hair looking like it’s not real. Doesn’t matter if you have a braid in or not, the closure will make it look as if the hair is actually growing directly from your scalp!

There are different types of laces in the market. To an untrained eye, it is very hard and even close to impossible to detect. The very commonly used lace closures are Swiss lace closures.

The material that we use however in our lace closures is top notch quality. They are durable and they hold up a lot better than the Swiss Lace closures. Our lace closures are all French Lace Closures, and unlike the Swiss laces, our closures are of the best quality that there is. They are much more comfortable to wear, they are easy to install, provide a lot of room for air passage or ventilation and they are much more durable.