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The best thing about our Brazilian straight hair is that, it does not get wavy when wet. The hair will remain silky bone straight even when wet. So unlike the Indian straight hair, you would not need to worry about this extension losing its original structure even at highly unfavorable weather or even extremes of temperatures. It will always stay true to its original texture and shape.

Everyone wants to have a beautiful, thick hair. Not only can it bring you the beauty, but it can also make you a lot more confident.

Our Natural Straight Brazilian Hair is a stand out favorite amongst our clients for its luscious rich texture and economy. Available at a more affordable rate than its newer and slightly higher end counterparts, this hair can still be washed, blow dried, colored, curled, flat ironed, teased, and just about everything else you would do with your original hair.

With our Virgin Brazilian Straight hair, there will be no tangles, no locks, and no breakage of cuticles. And it will last more than a year. You may also bleach and then color this hair as desired, but proper care needs to be taken as the cuticle tends to break and the hair tends to weaken.

We can assure you that this hair is one for the money. You will totally fall in love with the texture of this hair and you will definitely turn heads when you walk by. And all of this for a good price that is just so irresistible. We offer you the best quality at a really very affordable price. So, hurry up! What are you waiting for?