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Product Description

There is nothing like the good natural wave hair. Now popular for its easy styling, you just get up and go...  a perfect natural wave can redefine your entire look. It can almost transform you into a totally different person. Thick with healthy ends and cuticles, our Virgin Brazilian Natural hair is top notch quality at its best. 

The best thing about this hair is that, the waves will hold well even after washes. The hair can last more than a year if proper care is taken. It is highly durable and long-lasting when proper care is taken.

The hair is at its natural form, so it is a hundred percent chemicals fee product. And it is flexible enough for you to style it to your specific customized needs. The texture is just undeniably smooth and silky; we can confidently say that everyone will simply fall in love with this hair

Natural wave hair is all about confidence and style. Wear one of these babies and we assure you that you will be with a new found confidence that you always desired. You will be able to carry yourself with an attitude that is to be commended. This will not only make you bolder, but a lot stylish and upbeat.

You can now rise up to the challenge as our Virgin Brazilian Natural wave hair will bring you a sea of confidence, a wave of glamour and an elegance that surfs smoothly on your new found attitude.

So feel wavy, natural and beautiful with our Virgin Brazilian Loose wave. And with LuxMaine, you will always have a Good hair day.

At LuxMaine, we make sure your needs are catered to your preference.