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Peruvian style natural straight hair extension - 4 piece bundle

Item# 32
Price: $ 390.00
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Product Description

Our Peruvian style natural straight hair extension hair matches really well with virtually all types of hair. From the dynamic European Hair to relaxed Ethnic hair types, this baby blends perfectly with all.

This exotic and luxurious hair comes all the way from various regions of Peru. Its textures can range from soft waves, loose waves to slight waves.

This Hair can be flat ironed, heat curled and even made to look deep wavy. Highly versatile, and with all the cuticles intact and running in the same unidirection, this baby comes naturally straight with lots of bounce and volume. It is also virtually impossible for it to tangle and knot.

This is one beauty accessory that will just redefine your entire looks and you will be sure to turn a few heads just about every other time you walk by!

Once you grab your hands on one of these beauties, you will never look back; this is one fashion accessory for you to reckon with.

With a very affordable price of just $435, you get to own a 4 piece bundle of these babies. Peruvian hair extension is not just a necessity but its more of a fashion apparel that is exquisite and flamboyant and lavish. A 4 piece bundle will make this Richie rich look complete and full.

A royal, exotic and very elegant product with volume and body that is just irresistible and hard not to notice. This product will entirely transform your looks and give you that full volume head with rich texture and a bone straight look that you always wanted and deserved.