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Product Description

Peruvian style body wave hair extension

Our Peruvian Body Wave is every Hair Stylist’s favorite little secret! This hair is top quality and it holds curls like no other. It’s just perfect for styling. It not only holds those curls but it also holds blow dries, flat ironing, heat waves and a wide array of all styles and products well! 

Coming all the way from various regions of Brazil; this is another masterpiece in our inventory that is something worth for its money. It comes in different textures that can range from soft waves, loose waves to slight waves.

You may bleach and then color this hair as desired. But this is not something that we would recommend as coloring or even bleaching may actually breaks down the cuticles, strip them apart, and even weaken the hair beyond repair.

You will be sure to grasp some attention with our Peruvian body wave for sure. This baby will take pretty good care of you and your beauty needs but at the same time this needs to be taken care of by you also; this is a classy product that needs to be carefully handled. It is best in its natural form but if coloring is a must then make sure you take very good care of it.

So this exotic hair extension is all class, style, magnificence and volume. Many celebrities have been known to use this hair extension because of its sheer class, quality and volume. You can simply never go wrong with this pick! This is quality product at a very reasonable price.

Our Peruvian hair is the "Bentley" of all Hair Extensions!