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Peruvian body wave hair extension - 3 piece bundle

Item# 33
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Product Description

Peruvian origin has always been about style, class, flamboyance, exoticness and glamour. This exotic and very rare product will make your dazzling beauty nothing short of absolute perfection. It will be no surprise if you got very unwanted attention with this baby as your fashion accessory. So brace yourself for an experience like never before with out Peruvian style body wave hair extension. 

You will be a matter of envy to those around you, as this will be one for the glamour and style. Flexible enough to be style according to your custom needs, you will never be bored with this hair extension.

Peruvian style body wave is not a necessity, it’s a luxury but at a very affordable price.
And just like every other luxury item, this is bound to draw attention but proper care needs to be taken as this is not just any ordinary wig.

Best when it is at its natural form, if coloring is a must then proper maintenance must be done to prevent any damages to the cuticles or even the entire structure of the extension.

Body wave has always been about comfort and volume. Combine the comfort and volume of a body wave with the class and style of the Peruvian origin and texture! What you get, is an ultimate product that will be a perfect product for you.

Something that will seem just too good to be true and to top it all off, we have them available in a very economy package too. A 3 piece bundle will serve you perfectly and this will come to you at a very reasonable price of just $345 and they are all yours.