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Product Description

another epic addition to our hair extension inventory is our very popular amongst customers; New Peruvian Beach Wave Hair extension. Widely used by many countless well known hair stylists, this Virgin Peruvian Spanish Wave hair is a sultry "I’m a natural beauty" look!

This is something that goes beyond quality hair, this is just absolute perfection. This is one hair extension that will just take everyone’s breath away and guess who will be the very heart of it? You!

Very voluminous and with plenty of bounce, this hair extension is made to bring in a lot of class to your style. And with the versatility of this hair, virtually nothing is impossible. Style your hair according to your specific needs. We promise that once you got your hands in one of these babies, you won’t look back. You will forget what a bad hair day means.

You will have the Flamboyant look that you always desired. Beware though, as you might be everyone’s envy with our Peruvian Beach Wave hair extension.
The hair is best at its natural form.

Alhough you may color the hair as per your desire, but it is not something that is highly recommended as the hair is best in its natural form and coloring or bleaching the hiar might weaken the hair or even break down the cuticles.

So a great product for your dynamic personality, style this hair according to your mood and the hair will deliver. A majestic product for the majestic you; very classy, simply irresistible and yet very affordable.