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Malaysian natural straight hair extension - 4 piece bundle

Item# 36
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Product Description

A rare type of hair extension just like the Peruvian hair, this is a product that is just worth every penny that you spend. This is a five star product in terms of its durability, strength, maintenance and versatility. We can assure you that our Malaysian style natural hair extension will be able to holdup against the worst of what nature has to throw at it. 

Whether it is a rainy day, or a very scorching hot and dry day, the hair will have absolutely no problem facing these extremes and they are by nature bound to tolerate such extremes of temperatures and pressures.

So what you get is a hair extension that will require very less maintenance and attention and yet, it will serve all of your styling needs and so it will with class, style and elegance. This is one baby you would not want to miss!

This hair extension has the essence and exotic rareness of a Peruvian hair and yet it also has the brut strength of a Brazilian or an Indian hair. You will simply be spellbound with this product of ours.

You get to keep a 4 piece bundle of these at a very reasonable price of just $425.

A 4 piece bundle will be more than enough for you to have that full head with plenty of volume and bounce. In-fact a 4piece will be optimal for a rich flamboyant look that will bedazzle just about everyone. So don’t just sit there, hurry up and order your package of this amazing product now!