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Malaysian natural straight hair extension - 3 piece bundle

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Product Description

Very well known for its versatility and sheer durability, Malaysian hair is able to withstand the most extremes of temperature and pressure. This is one tough baby that will never disappoint you no matter what. 

Malaysian hair will not curl up even when wet. So if it’s meant to be straight, bone-straight is what you get from it. This hair will give you lots of body and volume with lots of bounce.

Again, this is amongst the rarest of hair extensions as they are brought up all the way from various parts of Malaysia. As exotic as they are, our Virgin Malaysian style natural straight hair extension is one product that will blow your mind away with its durability and easy to maintain texture.
They are virtually indestructible and can be styled to almost any form and shape you would want to. Flat Irons, Curl Irons, blow dryers, and just about any other piece of styling equipments, the hair extension will hold up good. The cuticles will remain intact despite continuous ironing and styling. The extension is take everything that you have to throw at it and it will not even buzz!

A 3 piece bundle will be just enough to give you a perfect look that will neither be too little and nor will it be too much. A full head with optimal volume and bounce and at a very affordable rate of just $340; and this is one of the best offers that there is for your undisputed beauty.