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Malaysian curly hair extension - 4 piece bundle

Item# 42
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Product Description

Malaysian hair is for those who just can not and who just will not compromise on style. If changing style is your essence then Malaysian hair extension is your necessity. Highly durable and versatile, this hair extension is a keeper. 

Very little to no special care is needed for Malaysian origin and yet they hold up pretty well to all your styling needs. And they are very exotic and very rare in nature. But we have them all at LuxMaine!

They are of the best quality; they are pure with no processing done and are at their natural form. Malaysian hair is best at its natural form.

A curl with Malaysian Origin hair is just spellbinding! They will reflect your majestic excellence with so much finesse that you will be the center of attraction wherever you go.

The Malaysian curls are stylish and yet they are very durable. There isn’t much hustle of managing this hair as it is pretty much self managed.
This 4 piece bundle will come to you at a very reasonable price of just $435.