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Malaysian body wave hair extension - 3 piece bundle

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Product Description

Why would you want to go ahead with some mediocre product that will only reach for your purse but will not deliver? Stop going to those below average, enhanced hair extensions that come in fancy packages but are not the same inside. There are tons of products in the market that look as if like they are the real deal, but they are not. 

Our Virgin hair extensions are purest form of hair extensions and they are not processed at all. Our Virgin Malaysian style body wave is no exception to that; pure, natural, strong, durable and at a very affordable price. It will be very obvious to anyone with a good sense of quality that our hair extensions are of the top notch quality.

Our Malaysian style body wave is one for its durability and versatility. Very versatile and very flexible; you may style this hair according to your needs.

A Malaysian body wave is a statement in its own, you can head style it using a curl iron to get those magnificent curls, or you can get it straight with a blow dryer or by using a flat iron.

Very little to no special treatment is needed for maintenance with this type of hair. Whatever the ethnic background, this hair will suit you perfectly as if it was actually meant only for you!

Beauty comes with a price but in this case, beauty comes with a very affordable price!
For Just $340! You get to own a 3 piece bundle of this exquisite Malaysian hair so what are you waiting for?

Hurry up and get one of these babies right now!