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Indian natural straight hair extension - 3 piece bundle

Item# 23
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Product Description

Indian texture is very well known for its dynamic nature and its ability to withstand a variety of styling. You can do almost whatever you want with this hair and it still comes back to its original structure and texture and all of that without breaking a cuticle. 

Style the hair to your exact needs, re-style it again and again and yet the hair will hold its original form. Flat iron it to keep it bone straight look or use a curling iron to get those killer curls, you are just a simple wash away from getting the original straight hair back again. Our Virgin Indian hair is that versatile.

You can color it to almost any shade and still you won’t have to worry about a thing. Although best at its natural color, i.e. natural black or brown, the hair will still look good with just about any other bleach or coloring and it will still be of its original quality.

With 3 pieces it will neither be too much and nor will it be too less. It will give you that perfect look with the right volume and a full head. And it’s at a very affordable rate of just $312.00. With this package you will not regret making this purchase, the extension are nothing but all quality and now, with this package, the volume is going to be just perfect. A full head look with an economic price. LuxMaine serves you the best!

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