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Indian body wave hair extension - 4 piece bundle

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Price: $ 369.00
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Product Description

Get a hold of these babies once and you will never look back. If styling, coloring and experimenting is your gag, then this is the real deal for you. Indian hair, typical for your styling extravaganza, this is one flexible and versatile baby that will keep your endless styling needs fulfilled without ever letting you down.

This hair goes really well with your dynamic style and personality. As versatile your style is, this hair will keep it to the level of your versatility. This origin does not have the term “wear and tear”, in its vocabulary. Go for a bone straight hair today and then go for a curl tomorrow and as insane as it may sound, go for a bone-straight the day after with a simple wash and flat ironing and still the cuticles will remain intact!

Sounds too good to be true?
Well, its real and its available! All at LuxMaine!

Try it out, give it a go and you will be amazed with our Indian style body wave hair extension. You will never go back to those below average, overrated products that are all hype and no quality

If lots of body with lots of volume is what you need, this is the package for you.
And a complete full head to make your look flawless, this is the package to go for. This is for those who consider, compromise is not an option when it comes to your looks.

This will give you a much more voluminous look that you can proudly carry around with lots of confidence. This will only cost you $412 and they are all yours.