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Indian body wave hair extension - 3 piece bundle

Item# 25
Price: $ 275.00
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Product Description

There is virtually nothing that you can not do to this hair and get away with it! Styling the hair to your needs on a frequent basis, coloring the hair to suit your ethnic background, experimenting on the hair to see what suits you the best and so much more and yet the extension will still hold its ground.

The hair is virtually indestructible! You can do just about anything with very little to no damage. This Hair can be washed, blow dried, colored, curled, flat ironed, teased, and what not. This hair will never tangle, or break a cuticle without a very good reason.
This is for those brave hearts for whom experimenting is an absolute necessity. Unleash your styling needs and the hair will hold up well.

The Indian origin is very well known for its brut strength, durability and versatility. And our Indian style body wave hair is no exception to that.

This package is bound to give you a full head, a natural look with very less stress on your pockets. At an economic price of just $315, it will transform your look completely and make this worth every penny you spent.

A 3 piece bundle of this Indian style body wave hair extension will be a perfect package for those clients who want to look full with good volume and yet they want to keep it low in terms of its cost. Who says quality can not be economical? We make sure, at LuxMaine, you will get the quality that you deserve and at a very reasonable price.