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How long does my Virgin human hair extensions last?
Normally it can last from six months to 2 years if the hair extensions are taken care in good/proper care.
You CAN bleach and then color this hair as desired.

Can I use a hairdryer, hot rollers, hot sticks, tongs, bumper and other styling equipment?
Yes, you can use all of the above with real hair however with fake hair tongs cannot be used. We will explain and if you would prefer show you exactly how to achieve the styles you want.

Is it safe to leave my hair to dry naturally?
Yes, once again, you can treat your extensions just like your own hair. Wet extensions look just as natural and organic as freshly washed hair.

What kind of shampoo and/or conditioner can I use?
Moisturizing shampoos and balsam conditioners are recommended.

Can I color my extensions?
Yes you can any color will take after bleaching.

Can I swim with hair extensions?
Yes, We do recommend that you wear a swimming cap. Chlorine and salt water can dry out the hair. After swimming, you must wash the hair thoroughly with moisturizing shampoo and balsam conditioner.

Can I re-use extension hair?
Absolutley. Depending on how the hair is taken care of, it can be re-used, Especially our higher quality hair.