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Brazilian straight hair extension - 4 piece bundle

Item# 28
Price: $ 385.00
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Product Description

A thick voluminous straight styling with the right texture and color can do wonders to your glamorous look.

That perfect look can now be yours with our Brazilian style straight hair extension.
With Brazilian Origin, straight means bone straight and bone straight for good. A little wash won’t ruin the original structure of this baby.

This hair is available at our store at a rather affordable rate than its relatively newer high-end counterparts.

Rich texture and a very economic purchase is what makes this a favorite amongst our clients. Anything and everything that you would do with your original hair can be applicable to this extension with virtually no effect to its quality and original structure

You may wash it, blow dry it, heat curl it , flat iron it or even color it, you can do it all and the extension will still live to tell about it, and with magnificence and style that speaks out glamour and beauty.

You can virtually do anything that you may desire to this extension and it will maintain its true form without no damages to its original form.

A voluminous feel to this glamorous style will be nothing less of a style extravaganza.

Confident attire with much more voluminous, luscious looks and with a full head; this is definitely a yes for ladies who are all volume. A 4 piece bundle will give you a much fuller look with bounce and volume that is just too perfect and it will only cost you just $430. Virtually no style is impossible with this package.