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Brazilian straight hair extension - 3 piece bundle

Item# 27
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Product Description

Ever been frustrated with your extension getting wavy after it got wet? It has happened so many times hasn’t it?

Well worry not! Not anymore!

We have just the product for you- Our Brazilian straight hair extension. It does not get wavy or curled up when wet, the hair will remain silky bone straight regardless of it being dry or wet and it’s pure and natural without any processing.

The Brazilian origin makes it a popular choice amongst women with African ethnicity but virtually all women of all groups can give this product a go without any hesitation at all.

This is the right choice for you if you want to keep things straight. This hair is available at our store at a rather affordable rate than its relatively newer high-end counterparts.
Rich texture and a very economic purchase is what makes this a favorite amongst our clients. Anything and everything that you would do with your original hair can be applicable to this extension with virtually no effect to its quality and original structure.

An elegant style that brings a new look to your beauty and it does so at a very affordable and a reasonable price which is just too good to be true. And with a package that is just optimal for just about anyone.

An economy package with a glamorous look; that has neither too much volume and nor too less of it. This is perfect for a clean natural look that is very elegant and classy and at a very affordable price of just $330.