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Brazilian Deep Curly hair extension - 4 piece bundle

Item# 40
Price: $ 375.00
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Product Description


Brace yourself for that wow look you always desired. That glamorous look you must have can now be yours with our Brazilian style curl hair extension and at a ridiculously savvy price which is just too good to be true!

When it comes to hair extensions, every origin, every texture has its own characteristics. You need to be able to understand them to make sure that what you get is what you always wanted and what will look best on you.

But worry no more, as we are here to help. If curls are your style of setting things straight, then these Brazilian babies are one for your pick!

These Brazilian curls will not lose its structure even when wet. Unlike the Indian Curls, they are bound to stay. These curls are firm and will stand up to the test of worst of weathers.

Very thick with flawless cuticles, all of them running in the same direction, all to give you that perfect look that is just not to be compromised. After all, its your beauty that is on the line.

You will turn heads and might even break a few necks with this amazing new look to add to your beauty. Feel the intense curls with out Brazilian style curls that scream out loud with your magnificence. These curls are there to stay and stay for good.

A 4 piece bundle will give you a full head with thick volume and good body; at a very tempting price that you can not resist. Just $375 and they are all yours.