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Brazilian body wave hair extension - 4 piece bundle

Item# 30
Price: $ 390.00
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Product Description

Our Brazilian style body hair extension is as pure as you can get and it comes to you with a soft and clean texture that everyone will adore. The hair is shedding free, tangles free and we can assure you that there will be absolutely no fading and no knitting. 

Here at LuxMaine, we understand that when it comes to your looks, this is not something you would want to compromise about. What good is a hair extension if it is not full and doesn’t have volume in it?

We know what it means to have a totally full head look with luscious and voluminous hair bouncing with all its magnificence.

A wave of this wave hair extension will make an impression that will last for ever. This is just too perfect, an already voluminous texture of this Brazilian style body wave with an even richer package that will not only give you a full and complete look, but it will infact get you that rich and royal flamboyance which will magnify your beauty to a different level altogether.

This is one package that will make even snow white jealous. A rich voluminous classy look for you at a price that is equally as attractive.

This is a package to deliver all your hair extension needs, comfort, body, volume, style and a reasonable price. A 4 piece bundle will be the perfect package for that look you would just not want to compromise. And as hard as it is to believe, this baby comes to you at just $422.00!